MultiTasker Series

MultiTasker Series

Multi-Method Laboratory Robots

Primarily utilized by Pharmaceutical Discovery Chemistry, the MultiTasker MultiMethod Automation Solutions are built to address known bottlenecks in your sample processing, with precise pick & place of containers, liquid handling, and vortex mixing & sonication for compound dissolution. The Multitasker is built with modularity in mind. Typical Applications include Analytical Weighing with Barcode Data Tracking, Sample Aliquoting, Reagent Dispensing & Dilutions with Vortexing and Sonication, Liquid Liquid Extractions, Internal Standard Addition, Fraction Pooling & Compound Purification, Capping/UnCapping, Reformatting/ Sorting/ Cherry-Picking, and more. The automation workflow can be easily configured by the users. Data outputs are seamlessly integrated with LIMS.

The MultiTasker handles Precise Sample Fill
into the NMR Tubes.

  Pick & Place Sample Handling’ of Labware Containers

  Liquid Handling with Reservoir-Based Reagent Dispense and Sample Transfer
     with Gravimetric Tracking

  Best Platform for Compound Dissolution with Vortex Mixing and/or Sonication

  Widely used for Drug Discovery in Solid Store & Liquid Store applications

  Versions available adopted for Dosage Form Testing & Potency Assays

  Easily Implemented, Rugged, Reliable & Intuitive Laboratory Automation Systems!

  See how the new Faster and More Flexible MultiTasker works.

See how the new Faster and More Flexible MultiTasker works.

Key Functions

 Tare & Weigh
 Combine Fractions
 Gravimetric Confirmation
 Distribute to Microplates
 Barcode Read & Verify
 Vortex Mix
 Calculate Yields
 Sort & Cherry-Pick
 Serial Dilutions
 Report LIMS
 Custom Functions
 Barcode Label



Dimensions(inch): 48 W x 27 D x 41 H
Space Requirements(inch): 84 W x 36 D x 48 H
Weight (lb): ~120
Power: 120 – 240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz
Air 4 bar (60 psi) / Vacuum: 380 mm Hg (15″ Hg)
Operating Temperature: 14-35C
Humidity: 5-85%