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Multi-Method Laboratory Robots

MultiTasker®II Series

Primarily utilized by Pharmaceutical Discovery Chemistry, the benchtop MultiTasker®II ‘MultiMethod’ Automation Solutions are built to address known bottlenecks in your sample processing, with precise pick & place of containers, liquid handling, and vortex mixing & sonication for compound dissolution. The MultiTasker®II is built with both robustness & modularity in mind. You determine which set of modules suits your needs! Typical Applications include Analytical Weighing with Barcode Data Tracking, Sample Aliquoting, Reagent Dispensing & Dilutions with Vortexing and Sonication, Liquid/Liquid Extractions, Internal Standard Addition, Fraction Pooling & Compound Purification, Mother-Plate making, Capping/UnCapping, Reformatting/ Sorting/ Cherry-Picking, and more. Capacity is ~25+ microplate style racks depending upon your custom layout. Positional accuracy and repeatability of the robot Arm is within the diameter of a human hair. The automation workflow can be easily reconfigured by users as needs change, but retains 21CFR11 compliance capability. Adjustable speeds for optimal throughput. Data outputs are seamlessly integrated with LIMS.

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  •  Precise ‘Pick & Place’ Sample Handling of Labware up to 12” tall and 1Kg in weight.
  •  Liquid Handling with Reservoir-Based Reagent Dispense and Sample Transfer with Gravimetric Tracking including viscous and slurries.
  •  Best Platform for Compound Dissolution with Vortex Mixing and/or Sonication
  •  Widely used for Drug Discovery in Solid Store & Liquid Store Compound Management.
  •  Versions available adopted for NMR, Dosage Form Testing & Potency Assays
  •  Easily Implemented, Rugged, Reliable & Intuitive Laboratory Automation Systems!
See how the new Faster and More Flexible MultiTasker®II works.

Key Functions

  • Cap/Uncap/Re-Cap
  • Tare & Weigh
  • Aspirate/Dilute/Transfer
  • Combine Fractions
  • Gravimetric Confirmation
  • Reconstitute
  • Distribute to Microplates
  • Barcode Read & Verify
  • Vortex Mix
  • Calculate Yields
  • Sort & Cherry-Pick
  • Serial Dilutions
  • Report LIMS
  • Custom Functions
  • Barcode Label
  • Sonicate/Macerate


Dimensions(inch): 50 W x 30 D x 45 H
Weight (lb): ~450
Power: 120 – 240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz
Air 4 bar (60 psi) / Vacuum: 380 mm Hg (15″ Hg)
Operating Temperature: 14-35C
Humidity: 5-85%