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MiniRax® Lab Racks

Nobody wants to constantly rack and re-rack vials between instruments, ovens, evaporators, and robotics. These hard wearing & hard working MiniRax® are the perfect solution. We’ll work with your quantities and labware types to ensure everything is color keyed for easy, error free, implementation. These are machined to ensure a maximum of utility with a minimum weight, and automation friendly spacing and chamfering for pick and place requirements. Please enquire for more details.

From Centrifuge to Robot and back again…
no more re-racking for Tubes or Vials.

SBS Standard Sizes

  •  No more re-racking labware between instrument and centrifuge
  •  Spaced and countersunk for precise robotic access
  •  Machined from aluminum, then hard anodized for a long life
  •  Colors available, plus consistent, matched low mass
  •  All popular vial and tube sizes standard, customs upon request

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