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Weighs, Dilutes, Mixes, Aliquots and Prepares your samples ready for the Autosampler!

  • Dispenses Solid Samples to Target Weights
  • Dilutes to Concentration, Ratiometrically
  • Mixing via vortex or sonication
  • Transfers aliquot to autosampler vials, can cap the vial
  • Tracks and records all transfers using barcode ID
  • Powders + Granular Solids must be compatible with dispense mode
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Meet your new Laboratory Assistant, which replaces the ‘Weighing Room’: This Robot automatically dispenses your powdered/granulated samples to individual target weights and then dilutes ratiometrically with one of 8 selectable reagents. The unit then mixes with either Vortexing or Sonication and aliquots into autosampler vials for final analysis. Vials may either be precrimped or screw cap. Barcode information & Weight data history ensures a ‘forensic’ data trail and sample history for LIMS to maintain validation.

The user selects the numbers of Sources and Targets for any job.

There are multiple choices of standard labware. Just ask?

0.1 or 0.01mg Weighing accuracy using Mettler Toledo® Analytical Balance selections. Up to 8 different Solvents, Reagents or Buffers can be utilized for dilutions which may be Single step or Serial.

User interface is intuitive, friendly, can be file driven and is 21CFR11 capable.

This fast, precise and proven Robotic System fits on your standard benchtop & includes built on Safety Enclosure with built in Air Handling Vent.

This is an example implementation, your robot deck will be configured differently.

Key Functions

  • Dispensing & Analytical Weighing 0.1 / 0.01mg accuracy with Mettler Toledo® Analytical Balances.
  • User defines Sources and Targets for any job. Multiple choices of standard labware.
  • Up to 8 different Solvents, Reagents or Buffers utilized for dilutions.
  • Vortex Mix or Sonicate.
  • Dilutions may either be Single step or Serial.
  • Transfers & Aliquots.
  • Uncaps & Caps.
  • LIMS Compatible, GLP & 21CFR11 capable.
  • Fits on Standard Benchtop & includes built on Safety Enclosure with Air Handling Vent.


Dimensions (inch): 43 W X 30.5 D X 37 H
Weight (lb): ~380
Power: 120 – 240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature: 14 – 35C
Operating Humidity: 5-8%