General Purpose Modular
Laboratory Robot Platform

Process everyday tasks such as Analytical Weighing (4 or 5 place), Sample ID (1D or 2D barcodes), Sorting, Dilutions, Vortex Mixing, Internal Standard Addition, Standard Prep, Un-Capping & Re-Capping, Transfers & Aliquoting. Large Sample Capacity (max 20 microplate racks or custom equivalent), choice of disposables and labware, yet benchtop compact (3’x2′) footprint and easy to use interface (21CFR11 compliance options) with LIMS compatible data management.

The robot hardware is exceptionally fast, and incorporates a built-in enclosure and optional hardware interlock to ensure safety. Each robotic step is recorded and logged such that there is a unique and ‘forensic’ sample history to be readily maintained. User & LIMS interfaces are compatible with 21CFR11 & GLP compliance. The whole unit requires just over 3 feet of linear bench space and is sufficiently stable to be mounted on wheeled carts if lab-to-lab portability is required.

●  Fast and Precise! 5 Seconds/Sample in Weighing and 3 Seconds/Sample in Sorting!

●  Deck Capacity of 21 Microplate Racks or Custom Equivalent

●  Weighing Accuracy of 0.1mg, 0.01mg or 0.001mg

●  Liquid Handling Accuracy of <1uL

●  Lego Style Building Block Modularity in Robotic Functions -> Build Your Own Methods in Minutes!

●  Uniquely Simplified ‘3-Point’ Robot Calibration for Quick Setup

●  Move Precision/Reproducibility <0.1mm

See how Fast and Precise the MiniTasker® works.

Key Functions

  Analytical Weighing
    (0.1mg, 0.01mg or 0.001mg)
  Vortex Mixing
  Barcode Scanning (1D & 2D)
  User Choice of Disposables and Labware
  Liquid Extractions
  Transfers & Aliquoting
  Sample Sorting/Cherry-Picking
  LIMS Compatible Data Management
  21CFR11 & GLP compliance.


Dimensions (inch): 43 W X 30.5 D X 37 H
Weight (lb): ~380
Power: 120 – 240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature: 14 – 35C
Operating Humidity: 5-85%