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Fully Automated Powder Dispensing
Walkaway, Fast, Gravimetric Dosing!


  • User specifies target values
  • 20 Changeable Sources
  • Target Labware = both Minitubes & Vials
  • 4 place Analytical Balance standard
  • Sub-milligram Precision
  • Small Form Factor 18”x18”x18”
  • Fits in Hood, Glovebox or Enclosure
  • Imports/Exports using CSV files
  • Comprehensive Run Data for Every Dispense
  • 21CFR11 Compliance Capable
  • Emails User Upon Completion
  • Standard Labware & Inexpensive Consumables
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Automated Powder Dispensing


One of the most onerous laboratory tasks is to repetitively weigh out milligram quantities of powders with reproducible precision into a series of microplate compatible tubes. It’s easy to get things mixed up and record keeping is a pain. But your new Laboratory Assistant, replaces both the Operator and the ‘Weighing Room’, providing time for more productive activities. This Robot automatically dispenses your powdered/granulated samples to individual target weight, either ‘”one to many or many to many or multiplexed to a maximum of twenty individual sources and 96 target vials.”. Information & Weight data history ensures a ‘forensic’ data trail and sample history for LIMS to maintain validation.

0.1 or 0.01mg Weighing accuracy using Mettler Toledo® Analytical Balance selections.

User interface is intuitive, friendly, can be file driven and is 21CFR11 capable.

This fast, precise and proven Robotic System fits in your standard hood, most gloveboxes or our proprietary enclosure options. Please ask for more information!

This is an example implementation, your robot deck will be configured differently.

Key Functions

  • Dispensing & Analytical Weighing 0.1 / 0.01mg accuracy with Mettler Toledo® Analytical Balances.
  • User defines Sources and Targets for any job. Multiple choices of standard labware.
  • May be file-driven using CSV i/o
  • Up to 20 different sources. 96 targets max.
  • LIMS Compatible, GLP & 21CFR11 capable.
  • Fits on Standard Benchtop & Safety Enclosure with Air Handling Vent optional.


Dimensions (inch): 18 W X 18 D X 18 H
Weight (lb): ~ 120
Power: 120 – 240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature: 14 – 35C
Operating Humidity: 5 -20%