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Who is Sirius Automation?
As a privately held IL corporation founded in the final years of the last century, our senior management team has each been involved in Laboratory Automation since its nascent years in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. Before that, our areas of work included Analytical Instrumentation Design, Engineering (Mechanical, Electronic and Electrical) Chemistry, BioChemistry, Diagnostics, and Software Development & Separation Sciences.

At Sirius, we believe in the power of Laboratory Workstation Automation. In a marketplace that increasingly attempts to force the Chemist into a ‘one size fits all’ approach to automation, we know the truth. Not only does one size not even fit most, – there is some element of adaptation or customization to every project, no matter how routine or widespread, for it to provide greatest value to the user. A business’ core strength lies in its human resources; – our accumulated wealth of knowledge and our strength in this business are solely the result of our dedication to successful Laboratory Automation, and our combined desire and ability to deliver on that single promise.

Sirius Automation’s innovative technologies in laboratory automation are now actively contributing to the success of the leading companies in the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical/agrichem, environmental quality, energy, precious metal, tobacco, food, and bioscience. Sirius Automation’s product installations proudly cover PacificRim, Europe and North America.

What are Sirius’ Areas of Expertise?
Our current headcount includes personnel experienced in specification and design of Laboratory Automated Workstations, and associated components, electronics and controls; We are fortunate to have strong technical expertise onboard, plus those with extensive history in troubleshooting and testing of Automated Systems, and with superior innovation and integration skills. In short, if we can’t do it – likely no one can!

Sirius Understands. Sirius Delivers.
Sirius Automation comprises dedicated, driven, experienced and knowledgeable people with a broad-based extensive experience of Laboratory Automation. We offer services across the breadth of the industry from BioPharma to Water testing and everything in-between. We’re not just here to provide easy answers to simple questions, we’re your tested and proven Laboratory Automation Partners…..and we’re here for tomorrow and next week and the years to follow, also. Our best customers are our repeat customers, and as of writing that’s almost all of them. Hope you can be too!

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