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SiriusSlate Primary Development Application (PDA) represents the largest leap forward in Robotic Control & Method Development Software for ‘Pick & Place’ Laboratory Automation in decades!

SirusSlate PDA is YOUR platform to design and build your desired processes! And, by building your own modules and process steps, SiriusSlate PDA actually grows, ‘learns’ and improves the more you use it!

Unleash Your Creativities!

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●  Integrated Lab Automation Software Suite offers User complete control of their MTAC or Bohdan AWS  (Automated Work Station) Laboratory Robot;
●  Fully modular and scalable, with database hooks, GLP-capable data handling and audit trails;
●  Complete tool kit plus your own library of modules, methods, decision trees, calculation and configurable reports;
●  Crafted to boost productivity, improve the quality and performance of your applications;
●  Gain competitive advantage by delivering reliable processes, faster yet without sacrificing flexibility;
●  Utilize your existing investment in Laboratory Automation more effectively, over a longer timescale, either within the limits of the original configuration or using add-on modular aftermarket components;
●  Includes Software, Connectors, Drivers specific to your version of AWS chassis;
●  Supports existing controller hardware, components and modules;
●  Tiered user entitlement/access levels tailored to your wants and needs;
●  No engineering required.  Allows you or your Automation Group to re-configure and upgrade your AWS  for changed or novel applications;
●  Upward mobility of parent OS;
●  Comprehensive Documentation and Support;
●  For convenience, Multi-Unit, Site and Enterprise-wide versions are also offered

What will Sirius Slate do for me?

●  Replace Obsolete Software, and avoid the perils of ‘built-in’ obsolescence going forward. “SiriusSlate®” is a powerful enabling technology and our Clients also benefit from ongoing, responsive Expert support.
●  “Open Source” software – User has the freedom to improve the methods/processes to stay ahead of the competition!
●  User can easily build new methods/processes without the hassle of going back to the vendor – quicker turnaround and cost saving!
●  Using a repository storing user-refined library modules, as the user grows the knowledge of the automation process, the software becomes increasingly powerful!
●  Software is compliance capable with “GxP” or ’21CFR11′ requirements
●  Are you looking for software that is Commercial Configurable Off-The-Shelf (CCOTS)?
●  And much more……………. Please just ask for details!