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SiriusSlate® Primary Development Application (PDA) represents the largest leap forward in Robotic Control & Method Development Software for ‘Pick & Place’ Laboratory Automation in decades!

SirusSlate® PDA is YOUR platform to design and build your desired processes! And, by building your own modules and process steps, SiriusSlate® PDA actually grows, ‘learns’ and improves the more you use it!

Unleash Your Creativities!

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●  Integrated Lab Automation Software Suite offers user complete control of your Sirius Robots;
●  Fully modular and scalable, with database hooks, GLP-capable data handling and audit trails;
●  Complete tool kit plus your own library of modules, methods, decision trees, calculation and configurable reports;
●  Crafted to boost productivity, improve the quality and performance of your applications;
●  Gain competitive advantage by delivering reliable processes, faster yet without sacrificing flexibility;
●  Utilize your existing investment in Laboratory Automation more effectively, over a longer timescale, either within the limits of the original configuration or using add-on modular aftermarket components;
●  Includes Software, Connectors, Drivers specific to your version of AWS chassis;
●  Supports existing controller hardware, components and modules;
●  Tiered user entitlement/access levels tailored to your wants and needs;
●  No engineering required.  Allows you or your Automation Group to re-configure and upgrade your AWS  for changed or novel applications;
●  Upward mobility of parent OS;
●  Comprehensive Documentation and Support;
●  For convenience, Multi-Unit, Site and Enterprise-wide versions are also offered

What will SiriusSlate® do for me?

●  Replace Obsolete Software, and avoid the perils of ‘built-in’ obsolescence going forward. “SiriusSlate®” is a powerful enabling technology and our Clients also benefit from ongoing, responsive Expert support.
●  “Open Source” software – User has the freedom to improve the methods/processes to stay ahead of the competition!
●  User can easily build new methods/processes without the hassle of going back to the vendor – quicker turnaround and cost saving!
●  Using a repository storing user-refined library modules, as the user grows the knowledge of the automation process, the software becomes increasingly powerful!
●  Software is compliance capable with “GxP” or ’21CFR11′ requirements
●  Are you looking for software that is Commercial Configurable Off-The-Shelf (CCOTS)?
●  And much more……………. Please just ask for details!