GraviTrac Series

Weighing Robot

Sirius GraviTrac Weighing Robot with OMNI technology delivers fast and accurate weighing of labware ranging from minitubes to large containers i.e. 500mL Nalgene bottles. This robot also supports barcode-based or position-based labware sorting / cherry-picking.

GraviTrac for a single container type.

GraviTrac Capping/Uncapping.

GraviTrac for multiple container types with auto finger swap.

  The Auto-Sampler to Your Analytical Balances

  Fast (~10 secs roundtrip/piece)

  Capping/UnCapping Options

  Improves Data Quality with Process Consistency and Electronic Auditable History

  Reliable Walkaway Operation

  Best Use of Valuable Headcount

Key Functions

  0.1mg or 0.01mg Accuracy Weighing
   (Tare/Gross/Replicate Weights)

●  High-Speed Barcode Scanning with
    Rotating Gripper and Wingman®

●  2D Matrix Barcode Reading
    for MiniTubes

●  Barcode-Based or Position-Based

●  Capping/UnCapping
●  Email Notifications (Start/Stop/Etc.)
●  Seamless LIMS Integration
●  Optional ToolSwap® Finger Changer
    to Handle Multiple Labware Types


Dimensions(inch): 48 W x 27 D x 41 H
Space Requirements(inch): 84 W x 36 D x 48 H
Weight (lb): ~100
Power: 120 – 240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz
Air 4 bar (60 psi) / Vacuum: 380 mm Hg (15″ Hg)
Operating Temperature: 14-35C
Humidity: 5-85%