Small Footprint 25″ x 30.5″


This Small-Footprint (requires only 2 feet of linear bench space) General Purpose Modular Laboratory Robot handles everyday tasks such as Analytical Weighing (4 or 5 place), Sample ID (1D or 2D barcodes), Sorting, Dilutions, Vortex Mixing, Internal Standard Addition, Standard Prep, Un-Capping & Re-Capping, Transfers & Aliquoting. Liquid handling with sub-microliter accuracy. Sample Capacity accommodates up to 8 microplate racks or custom equivalent) with your choice of disposables and labware. Easy to use interface (21CFR11 compliance options) with LIMS compatible data management.

Compact Footprint Ultra Fast Multi-Function Robot

The robot hardware is exceptionally fast, and incorporates a built-in enclosure and optional hardware interlock to ensure safety. Each robotic step is recorded and logged such that there is a unique and ‘forensic’ sample history to be readily maintained. User & LIMS interfaces are compatible with 21CFR11 & GLP compliance. The whole unit requires only 24″ of linear benchspace and is sufficiently stable to be mounted on wheeled carts if lab-to-lab portability is required.

  Fast and Precise! 5 Seconds/Sample in Weighing and 3 Seconds/Sample in Sorting!

  Deck Capacity of 8 Microplate Racks or Custom Equivalent

  Weighing Accuracy of 0.1mg, 0.01mg or 0.001mg

  Liquid Handling Accuracy of <1uL

  Lego Style Building Block Modularity in Robotic Functions -> Build Your Own Methods in Minutes!

  Uniquely Simplified ‘3-Point’ Robot Calibration for Quick Setup

  Move Precision/Reproducibility <0.1mm

See how Fast and Precise the MicroTasker® works.

Key Functions

  Analytical Weighing
0.01mg or 0.001mg)
 Liquid Liquid Extractions
 Vortex Mixing
 Transfers & Aliquoting
 Barcode Scanning (1D & 2D)
 Sample Sorting/Cherry-Picking
 User Choice of Disposables and Labware
 LIMS Compatible Data Management
 21CFR11 & GLP compliance


Dimensions (inch): 25 W X 30.5 D X 37 H
Weight (lb): ~240
Power: 120 – 240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature: 14 – 35C
Operating Humidity: 5-85%